China is Now The Best Teaching Destination. But Why?

why teach in China

China isn’t so foreign anymore. It’s developing at such an incredible rate that right now is really the best time to act on your dreams and make them a reality teaching in China.

1. It’s Hugely Innovative

Both the technology and education sectors of China are soaring.

With technology, new innovations seem to hit the news daily about breakthroughs in medicine and engineering. And let’s not forget just how much China produces. You knew that from every time you shop for anything. Just read the label: made in China!

In regards to education, there are 43 ranked universities in China. That’s not bad to add to your resume, though arguably teaching anywhere in China is going to bring you an incredible deal of satisfaction.

China is very innovative

2. Fantastic Income Plus Social Opportunities

Foreign teachers are so highly regarded in China that they get paid quite well.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills at home and aren’t really going anywhere in your career, consider taking some time off to teach in China.

Because your school will pay for your apartment and general living expenses, you’ll be saving up so much more, allowing you to have more exciting travel experiences and have more fun in general.

3. Plenty of Other Expats to Meet

You won’t be the first person to come to China to expand your horizons.

And you won’t be the last.

There are many other expats that you’ll meet from all over the world so you’ll have loads of new friends.

Plus, when you’re new, they’ll all make you feel welcome. And when someone else is new, you’ll be the welcoming one.

4. China is a Desired Economy

As mentioned, China is a developing country on the up and up.

More and more businesses are seeking to do business with Chinese companies or to expand operations to China, which also makes China a most desired country for expats.

So even if you just wind up teaching for a few years in China, you could make valuable connections in your original field that will serve you well when you return home.

Chinese is a very important language skill

5. Mandarin is Becoming More Widespread

Once upon a time, we were only offered Spanish, French, or German for language courses in high school.

Now, that has shifted tremendously with many students choosing Mandarin instead. This forward-thinking is ideal for working with China in the future.

The best way to master a language?

Learn from the locals! Come teach in China and make the most out of your stay here by becoming a Chinese language expert.

6. China is Friendly for Foreigners

Some countries aren’t very welcoming to foreigners, but not China.

In most cities (especially those developing ones), you’ll find that the people there are really happy to meet you.

It can get overwhelming at times though, so just remember that they’re curious about you and want to know more.

7. There’s So Much to Do and See

From the Great Wall to the Terracotta Army, there are so many amazing sites in China to explore.

When you’re teaching in China, you’ll get the chance to see and do things when your school takes a break.

Most schools can help you make arrangements to see the things you want to see most too, though if you live in a big city like Beijing, it’s really easy to get to many of the items on your China bucket list!

Food in China is amazing

8. That Food Though

In America, there are more Chinese restaurants than McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King restaurants combine.

Let that sink in a minute.

Chinese food is delicious! But be forewarned that the Chinese food in China is a bit different than the Americanised versions you’re used to.

Don’t worry though! There’s so much to taste and try, you’ll find new favourites wherever you go.

The locals are always happy to eat and drink with you, and honestly, it’s the best way to get to know your new home of China.

why teach in China, many reasons!
“Why China is the best country to teach abroad?”

This Might be the Best Experience of Your Life …

When you come to teach in China, you’ll discover so much.

Not just about China and it’s robust history or the drool-worthy cuisine, but you’ll also discover much about yourself.

Try it for a year or two and you may just find you want to stay in China for much longer than that!

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